Viral Flu: Stay Safe – Be Prepared

With the onset of monsoon,  People wiping runny noses, coughing and sneezing battling the dreaded Viral Flu. Children are the likeliest victims of the Flu, given their love for sharing, caring and playing in open spaces. Instead of becoming the psychotic parent who insists on keeping the kids locked away in isolation, be prepared and stay safe with these handy tips.

1. Cleanliness is the Key

Children can be equipped with an instant hand sanitizer, as well as hand wipes to keep their hands clean and germ-free at all times. During lunchtime at school, children are often guilty of eating the food in their tiffin boxes without washing their hands. Their love of sharing food increases chances of being infected. Such habits make children a favourite breeding ground for germs.

In such cases, if they have an instant hand sanitizer with them, they can immediately sanitize their hands before eating their food. Also, during the evenings then they return home after their dance classes or playing cricket or football, their bodies have had the maximum exposure to germs. This is why it’s imperative that you teach them the importance of washing their hands immediately after entering your home, and also touching the food, no matter how hungry they are. Another habit that they must avoid is touching their mouth, nose or eyes without washing their hands as this provides germs an easy way to enter the body.

2. Avoid Physical Contact

The viral flu spreads through physical contact as well as through inhaling germs. Thus, you should instruct your children to avoid contact with people already infected with the flu. They should also be told to cover their mouth and nose with a handkerchief if a person near them sneezes or coughs.

3. Contain the Infection

If by some chance your children become infected themselves, they should rest at home for a day or two to recuperate. Make sure they avoid close contact with other people around them. Again, the habit of covering their mouths with a handkerchief or a tissue while coughing or sneezing must be inculcated in them to prevent others from getting infected with this disease.

4. Safety at School

Your children spend the better part of their days at school, so it becomes necessary that you ensure it is a safe place for them. Call up the school and making to make sure that there are appropriate arrangements for taking care of sick children. Do not hesitate to discuss the names of medicines and the qualifications of the nurses involved, because after all, it’s a question of your children’s safety.

Encourage your child to have healthy hygiene habits with the instant hand sanitizer. This Flu season, win the battle with these handy tips.

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