Autumn Skincare

Our skin needs extra care in the colder weather.  Central heating and winds dry it out more rapidly meaning it needs a little extra moisture.  The Autumn is a great time to start pampering your skin a bit more in the lead up to all those Christmas parties to make sure you feel great through the festive season and beyond.

Keep your skincare routine simple.  Making it complicated will mean that you are more tempted to leave out crucial steps that keep your skin supple!

Consider home chemical peel products.  Our skin tends to look dull after the summer months and this can be a gentler way to renew your skin.

Moisturise twice daily – this is important after the sun damage of the summer.  The product that you use isn’t important, what matters is that is suits your skin type and feels great on your skin.  Boots No.7 range has been in the press in recent months for helping sun damaged skin.  If you are a fan of natural products, try one of the many choices from The Bodyshop.

Use a moisturising mask in the colder weather to give your skin that added boost.  Used once or twice a week can make a big difference to the appearance of your skin.

Self tanning products can give you a great boost during the colder weather by giving you glowing skin.  Be careful about how you apply it though – less is more in the colder weather so stay natural with a lighter tone and don’t apply it quite as often.

Include plenty of fruit and veg to boost your anti-oxidant levels to protect cells from free radicals.  We all indulge in different foods over the Christmas season which can cause our skin to become more inflamed than usual so upping our vitamins and minerals may  help counteract this.

Water isn’t always so attractive in the colder weather but it is just as important to get plenty of fluids which will also help keep your skin free of toxin build up.

Finally – don’t forget your body!  We spend so much time on facial products that we often forget the bits that people don’t see as they are covered up all winter.  Slap on some body lotion daily or rub in some baby oil to wet skin after bathing and showering.  This will help keep your skin great all winter long.

Making the above changes to your diet and taking supplements will help and you should start to see results in a month or two.  The key is to be patient.  It can take time for you to see the benefits of your lifestyle changes but the waiting will be well worth it to achieve problem-free skin.

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