Are Dental Grills Safe for Teeth?

You may be a parent of a teenager or a young adult who has or hasn’t left home who asks you about getting a dental grill.

“A dental grill?” you may be asking. “What’s that and is it safe for teeth?”

After all you don’t want your child to mess up his or her teeth so they can look cool and tough.

Dental grills are made of stainless steel, gold, silver or platinum. Some premium, custom-made grills feature precious gemstone like diamonds.

Dental grills are decorative, snap-on coverings of one or multiple teeth. They are popular in the rap music industry as well as in the ranks of other celebrities.

There is currently no evidence that dental grills are harmful to the teeth. There is also no evidence indicating they are harmless to teeth either.

The risks dental grills have on one’s teeth are not significant, but they are there.

What are the possible risks dental grills have on teeth? Here are a couple more significant risks:

They can scratch teeth. While this isn’t a problem for many professionally made and attached grills, low-quality grills attached to the teeth in a hurry can cause an ill-fitting grill to scratch away the tooth enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to disease and decay. Grills that don’t fit right can also lead to toothaches and even headaches. Grills are attached by being

They can move teeth into poor positions. If the grills are worn for extended periods of time, they can gradually shift teeth into wrong, unhealthy positions. This can lead to bite problems which may require orthodontic work.

Increase the risk of infections. Since grills adhere to the teeth, they can add germs and bacteria onto teeth if they are not regularly cleaned. These germs can increase your chances of getting severe infections in the mouth, including tooth decay and gum disease.

Teeth exposure. Grills are bulky and can make it difficult for your lips to cover and protect them. Teeth are therefore exposed making them more vulnerable to injury and getting more severely injured.

Discomfort. Grills can have rough, sharp edges which can scratch and irritate the inside of the lips and cheeks.

Bite problems. Besides moving teeth out of alignment, grills can throw your jaw out of alignment as well. The results are mild to severe pain when using the jaws to eat and speak. A misaligned jaw can also create uneven wear on teeth which will result in the need for additional dental work.

Allergic reactions. If the grills are made of poor-quality gold or platinum, a patient with an allergy to metal can have potentially severe reactions.

Create the need for additional reconstructive dental procedures. Grills can alter the jaws and teeth, and introduce germs into the mouth that require additional dental procedures to treat. These include: root canals, dental implants, and porcelain veneers.

Grills that are made of quality materials and are carefully placed by a professional have a significantly lower risk of causing the aforementioned problems.

No one knows if or when grills will go out of style, but until then, be prepared to see them around.

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